Hazel Mist, Hypnotist

 When Hazel Mist watches a famous hypnotist perform on TV, she  is completely mesmerized. Following her inner compass, Hazel uncovers a new passion that takes her on an unexpected learning adventure deep into the workings of the mind. Ash she commits her summer to learning the ins and outs of hypnotism, she discovers an incredible understanding worth sharing. Follow Hazel on an entertaining and intriguing journey that will open your mind, broaden your perspective, and evoke curiosity.

Full of hysterical hypnotism and courageous curiosity, Hazel Mist, Hypnotist will spark laughter and self-reflection, while encouraging readers to break through the unknown, question their “limits”, and reach for their full potential. 

Complete with Reflection Questions and a Mindset Guide, this book is guaranteed to entertain and empower readers of all ages to not let their “limits” define them. 

Launching March 1, 2020. Available for preorder December 1, 2019.


What is a Hypnotist?

A Creationeer is any person who loves to put their creativity and imagination into practice to create inspired works that come from the heart. 

Creationeers will use anything they can get their hands on for creative expression--from supper food to rotten garden veggies; from school supplies to garage sale treasures--there are no limits to what Creationeers may use.

Creationeers think outside the box, imagine new possibilities, and are unafraid to try something new--even if it means they might make mistakes. 

Why Mayva Matters


Books open a door in our minds.

This book is meant to do just that.


Imagination, creativity, and intuition are the magic dust that ideas are made of.  These abilities (that we all possess) allow us to dream up new possibilities, think outside-the-box, spark new connections, open our minds, and break new ground to create change.


Kids have the most incredible ability to access these skills and we believe that when a love and understanding of the magic of creativity is fostered, it can change the world. Mayva O'Meere reminds us that we all have creativity in our bones.

Mayva O'Meere, Creationeer is packed full of boundless creativity, empowering messages, 19 historic art references, and incredible layers of learning opportunities.  

Here is what kids can learn from this powerful picture book:

  • To question their perceived “limits”

  • The power of self-reflection

  • Mistakes are for learning. {Growth mindset}

  • Perseverance makes dreams come true

  • That everyone has fears and it is okay to move forward anyways

  • The importance of following your curiosity

  • To spark inspiration, then follow the thread

  • To reach for their full potential

  • The power of staying true to oneself and following one's inner compass.

  • AND so much more!


Praise for Hazel Mist, Hypnotist

"A delightful and inspiring tale, Mayva’ O’Meere, Creationeer, tells the captivating story of a young girl who follows her passions and stays true to herself. With majestic and fairytale-like drawings, this book beautifully illustrates how to learn from your mistakes while also highlighting the powerful qualities of creativity and imagination.  The prevailing theme of not letting mistakes get you down and following your inner talents, passions, and dreams is an influential message for those who may not fit into a traditional societal box. 


With thoughtful and beautiful rhyming throughout, Mayva O’Meere is sure to charm both young and old readers alike.  Trade out your Disney princess books for Mayva O’Meere, and your child will learn all about passion, dedication, resiliency and authenticity through this sweet and creative book!"

 -Kelli McCarty, Toys with Intent,

         Marriage & Family Therapist, School Counselor. 

"In my house, we are huge fans of Andrea Beaty books like “Rosie Revere, Engineer” and “Ada Twist, Scientist”; happily, “Mayva O’Meere, Creationeer” picks up in the arts where those ones leave off at science, technology, and math. Kristin Pierce’s first book, “Your Inner Compass That Could”, is about following your heart and being true to yourself even when it’s challenging, and that theme plays into the story of Mayva, who does some soul-searching of her own after her creative urges see the car painted in honey.

The book is in rhymed verse which makes it a fun, easy read, but the vocabulary is elevated, which I always appreciate in a children’s book. No word is too challenging for a child when used in context.

In the end, we see Mayva as a grown-up, and she’s realized her calling is not just to create art, but to create a space where others can find their calling, too. She speaks about learning from the honey-decorated car mistake she made as a child and tells that everyone is bound to make a mistake or many, but that it’s all part of the journey. Ain’t that the truth.

The book also includes some reflection questions  that will help your child process the message for themselves and invite conversation, as well as an art reference guide which Petra is surprisingly into."

- Maygen Kardash,

Sneakers & Lipstick

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Your Inner Compass That Could hit McNally Robinson's Youth Bestseller List two weeks in a row in April 2018, then again for four weeks in January 2019.  


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