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Hazel Mist, Hypnotist

 When Hazel Mist watches a famous hypnotist perform on TV, she  is completely mesmerized. Following her inner compass, Hazel uncovers a new passion that takes her on an unexpected learning adventure deep into the workings of the mind. Ash she commits her summer to learning the ins and outs of hypnotism, she discovers an incredible understanding worth sharing. Follow Hazel on an entertaining and intriguing journey that will open your mind, broaden your perspective, and evoke curiosity.

Full of hysterical hypnotism and courageous curiosity, Hazel Mist, Hypnotist will spark laughter and self-reflection, while encouraging readers to break through the unknown, question their “limits”, and reach for their full potential. 

Complete with Reflection Questions and a Mindset Guide, this book is guaranteed to entertain and empower readers of all ages to not let their “limits” define them. 

Launching October 20, 2020. Available for preorder August 1, 2019.

Why Hazel Matters

Why Hazel Mist Matters

Books open a door in our minds.

This book is meant to do just that.


What if you learned to question your thoughts, your negative self-talk, and your limiting beliefs?


Children have the most incredible ability to be present, believe in themselves, and act courageously. However, fear and limitations, that we are all taught in order to survive in this world, begin to dampen our self-belief and introduce self-doubt. The truth is, those limitations aren't helping anyone. Ever.

Hazel Mist, Hypnotist is here to change all of that.


Prepare your kids for growth mindset, asking big questions, and living to their potential with this powerful children's picture book that melds hilarious hypnotism with self-reflection and self-empowerment. Intertwining entertainment with powerful messaging, Hazel Mist is guaranteed to spark laughter and enjoyment, while encouraging readers to break through the unknown, question their “limits”, and reach for their full potential. 


Hazel Mist, Hypnotist is packed full of fun hypnotic acts, empowering messages, and incredible layers of learning opportunities.  

What kids can learn from this powerful picture book:

  • To question their perceived “limits”

  • The power of self-reflection

  • Mistakes are for learning (Growth mindset)

  • Perseverance makes dreams come true

  • Everyone has fears, and it is okay to move forward anyways

  • The importance of following their curiosity, even if it goes against the grain

  • To spark inspiration, then follow the thread

  • To reach for their full potential

  • The power of staying true to oneself and following one's inner compass.

Who is this book for?
Pages 15-16 ✅ .JPG

Who is this book for?

Hazel Mist, Hypnotist is for everyone who has ever believed they couldn’t do something. All of us allow limiting thoughts, beliefs, and self talk to stifle our potential at every turn. This book illustrates the power in questioning our perceived “limits” and encourages one to break through their “blocks” and go after their dreams.

This book is the perfect conversation starter for educating kids on growth mindset and self-empowerment. Teachers, parents, homeschoolers, therapists, grandparents, and more will spark curiosity and stir self-empowerment within the hearts of the children in their lives. And that is something worth sharing.


Praise for Hazel Mist, Hypnotist

Hazel Mist, Hypnotist Cover.JPG

Hazel Mist Hypnotist takes readers on a journey that starts with nurturing curiosity, travels to a place of honing your passions, and brings you home by breaking down all barriers and limits so you can feel encouraged and inspired to live your wildest dreams. The lilting language draws the reader in with such a beautiful flow and rhyme--like a friend taking you by the hand and taking you on an adventure--each line brings you further and further into the beautiful story. The artwork is vibrant and colorful and I really loved the unique focused ‘bubble' images.


You can see the author’s passion for encouraging others to live their dreams and break free of the limitations we create for ourselves on every single page. A really unique feature that I enjoyed about this book was the included Reflection Questions at the end--thought-provoking and engaging, and not just for kids! The author also includes a link to the website for additional activities that readers can do to continue to explore and stretch the mind. I have read, and eagerly awaited all of this author’s brilliant books, and this book delivers in such a big and beautiful way.


- Stacy Wallace




"Wow! Hazel Mist is a bright young girl who has unlocked such valuable knowledge! This book is a refreshing look at how our mindset is so very important when following our passions and achieving our dreams. “So question your limits and shoot for the stars. Cause the big dreams we dream are meant to be ours.” Truly another favourite to read with my kids!"


-Kara Carlson,

Child and Youth Counsellor, Mom





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"Hazel Mist, Hypnotist is a wonderful book full of passion, inspiration, and courage. Hazel teaches everyone reading along to practice, research, and perform. To envision the win, trust yourself and follow your flow. These are very important values we need to teach the youth today. Kristin's books always touch base on curiosity, self-reflection, and positivity, while keeping the reading light with some clever rhyming and laughter. This book is a great reminder to all that you can accomplist anything you put your mind to and reach your full potential."


-Francesca Castro

"What a charming book! We loved how devoted Hazel was to achieve her goals and how she showed her audience to let go of the fears and the "I can't"s that disable them. Too often we see our children fearful of the what-ifs, so it was amazing to find a read that addresses those thoughts. When we let go of the blocks and stresses, our minds and hearts can do anything--Hazel Mist shows us that. Nothing beats a cleverly written book with such positive inspirations. A necessary addition to your library."

-Brittany Lorenzen,

Homeschooling Mom

"Oh my goodness, this book is filled with such amazing and powerful messages! It is the perfect book to read to your children to show them to listen to their inner intuition, to knock down the blocks in their minds, to let go of fears, and to soar! If they choose--nothing can limit them. Hazel Mist, Hypnotist is quickly becoming a family favourite and, as usual, Kristin has created a fun, strong character highlighted in a colourful and fun illustrated book."

-Heidi Strelioff,

Graphic Designer

"Hazel Mist, Hypnotist is a wonderful book full of resilience and passion. Hazel teaches that with practice and trust in yourself, you can inspire others reading along to do great things, too! The lovely rhymes were great to follow along and, as always, the illustrations are beautiful. I love reading this to my girls because I hope they can see themselves in Hazel Mist and reach their full potential."

-Natalie Chui,

"I absolutely adore this book! Yet again, Kristin has developed a fun character with gumption. Hazel Mist follows her intuition and it led her down a path to discovering the full potential of the mind. With fun illustrations, creative hypnosis ideas, and powerful messages, it's a book that you can enjoy reading with a child while finding it entertaining yourself."

-Lacy Lieffers, 


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Hitting bookshelves and opening minds as of October 20, 2020

We invite you to follow Hazel on an entertaining and intriguing journey that will open your mind, broaden your perspective, and spark courageous curiosity. Readers, young and old, will benefit from the entertaining story and insightful perspective held within this book.​


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