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Reason #1: People care what you think. It's true. They want to know what you are interested in, what is impacting you and your children in a positive way, and what products you endorse. Your friends and family care about your opinion.

Reason #2: Readers want a preview. They want to know that the book they are looking into purchasing is legit, helpful, and valuable. 

Reason #3: Customers don't want to waste their money. They want to see quality and value in their purchases and the way that many customers research that is by cruising through  reviews from people who have already purchased the product.


Reason #4: We want to know if you are enjoying our books.  Do you gift them to everyone you know?  Do you love the messages they contain?  Do you see the impact they are having on your children?  We want to know about it!

Your feedback makes our books better.

Your Reviews Matter

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Praise for Your Inner Compass That Could

Your Inner Compass That Could

"Your Inner Compass That Could is amazing! I literally had tears as I read it. This is what I want for [my son]. I want him to follow his heart and his intuition. I want him to know he’s one of a kind and as the book says: has "an unmatched perspective and a powerful mind.”

I want him to look in his heart and find his passion.

Thank you Kristin Pierce for this beautiful book!" 


- Angie Del Rosso Weber,



"This book is a gift to all of us, no matter the age. It has a very insightful message to follow your heart and is written in a way that is clever, fun and engages children. My kids and I both loved it and it will definitely be part of our nightly bedtime rotation."


-Tricia Boutin,



"Your Inner Compass That Could is one of the first books I have seen that does a beautiful job of articulating what it means to trust your gut and stand tall for what you believe in. The illustrations are straight out of a Disney movie, yet the message is even more beautiful.

"There is no need to compare your life's path to another's.

Your Inner Compass is meant to guide you and no other."

Talk about a powerful message! Teaching children about values, morals, and not comparing self to others is made simple thanks to this adorable book.  Ideal for classroom guidance, small group work, or any parent who wants to start encouraging independent thought and self-confidence, Your Inner Compass That Could is a must-have for your book collection."

 -Kelli McCarty, Toys with Intent,

         Marriage & Family Therapist, School Counselor. 

"[As a homeschooling mom], I noticed early on that there is a plethora of books for kindness, sharing, keeping promises, bullying and so many other childhood topics.

However, NO one wrote about honoring your soul.

I have worked with countless adults who have to LEARN at an adult age what honoring your soul means (myself included).  And as such, I really wanted to teach my kids to do it now, instead of waiting until they are adults when it seems to be SO.  MUCH. MORE. DIFFICULT.  

And then I learned of THIS book:  Your Inner Compass That Could.  This book was written by Kristin Pierce and she teaches kids in rhyming words and fun illustrations how to honor their INNER COMPASS! I was so excited to get my hands on this book and share it with my Littles (age 6 & 8).  I am a huge believer that every child should know a few things that are mentioned in this book… Read the full review.


  - Lana Eckel,

Life Coach, Psychic, & Homeschooling Supermom

Mayva O'Meere, Creationeer

Praise for Mayva O'Meere, Creationeer

9781773705484 (1) (1).jpg

"A delightful and inspiring tale, Mayva’ O’Meere, Creationeer, tells the captivating story of a young girl who follows her passions and stays true to herself. With majestic and fairytale-like drawings, this book beautifully illustrates how to learn from your mistakes while also highlighting the powerful qualities of creativity and imagination.  The prevailing theme of not letting mistakes get you down and following your inner talents, passions, and dreams is an influential message for those who may not fit into a traditional societal box. 


With thoughtful and beautiful rhyming throughout, Mayva O’Meere is sure to charm both young and old readers alike.  Trade out your Disney princess books for Mayva O’Meere, and your child will learn all about passion, dedication, resiliency and authenticity through this sweet and creative book!"

 -Kelli McCarty, Toys with Intent,

         Marriage & Family Therapist, School Counselor. 

"In my house, we are huge fans of Andrea Beaty books like “Rosie Revere, Engineer” and “Ada Twist, Scientist”; happily, “Mayva O’Meere, Creationeer” picks up in the arts where those ones leave off at science, technology, and math. Kristin Pierce’s first book, “Your Inner Compass That Could”, is about following your heart and being true to yourself even when it’s challenging, and that theme plays into the story of Mayva, who does some soul-searching of her own after her creative urges see the car painted in honey.

The book is in rhymed verse which makes it a fun, easy read, but the vocabulary is elevated, which I always appreciate in a children’s book. No word is too challenging for a child when used in context.

In the end, we see Mayva as a grown-up, and she’s realized her calling is not just to create art, but to create a space where others can find their calling, too. She speaks about learning from the honey-decorated car mistake she made as a child and tells that everyone is bound to make a mistake or many, but that it’s all part of the journey. Ain’t that the truth.

The book also includes some reflection questions  that will help your child process the message for themselves and invite conversation, as well as an art reference guide which Petra is surprisingly into."

- Maygen Kardash,

Sneakers & Lipstick

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