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At Inner Compass Books, we are passionate about sharing empowering messages to inspire self-confidence, self understanding, and self-empowerment, while also encouraging creativity, intuition, and imagination. 

On this journey, we hope to infuse fun, play, and learning along the way to teaching about a very empowering concept of the Inner Self. 

 To support our readers in diving deeper, we ALWAYS include Reflection Questions at the back of each of our Inner Compass Books. We have also created some FREE integration activities as an invitation for reflection, dreaming big, and inner connection.
As a parent or teacher, you have the very important role of supporting the young minds in your life.
It is one of the most important jobs in the world! So, we want to support conscious parents and educators, like you, in raising empowered little souls -- because the world needs more of them! 
In the process, may you and your child(ren) imagine and uncover some incredible possibilities! 
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