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School Visits

At Inner Compass Books, we firmly believe that all children have incredible gifts to bring to the world.  It is our mission to help children ignite their passions, think outside the box, and create a life full of purpose, impact, and fulfillment. In connecting with their Inner Compass, children can be taught about the ways in which they can nurture, understand, and access the imaginative, creative, and intuitive abilities that each of them possess.


Since May 2018, Kristin has impacted:

4024 Students

286 Teachers

in 75 School Presentations

reaching 56 Schools

Are you looking for a unique & memorable learning experience for your elementary students?

School Visit Options

Kristin Pierce can virtually come to YOUR classroom or school to connect with and inspire your students to share their gifts, their perspectives, and their personal magic.

Kristin inspires kids to get creative, open their minds, and pursue their passions, while helping them feel empowered to share their own stories.  


A school author visit takes 45-60 minutes and can include a book reading and/or a keynote presentation on your choice of the following topics:​​

  • The Picture Book Process

  • Growth Mindset

  • Author Adventure Writing Workshops * longer duration*

Here's how Kristin is currently impacting schools:


 K & Grade 1

Grade 2, 3, & 4

Grade 5-9

Author introduction,
​ of TWO books

+ author Q&A

~ 30 minutes


 Book Reading​ + Q&A +

   Keynote Presentation(pick one)

  • Picture Book Process

  • Growth Mindset

~ 50-60 minutes


Book Reading​ + Q&A +

 Keynote Presentation: (pick one)

  • Picture Book Process

  • Growth Mindset

~ 50-60 minutes


Inner Compass


mindfully crafted children's books with empowering learning messages.

Our Books
Package Options


*Pricing is subject to adjustment depending on the number of classes and students in attendance for virtual visits. 

Limited sponsorship is available for school visits in Saskatchewan that helps to offset the cost. Inquire for more details.


Half Day Package Option

  • Choose 3 Author Presentations 

(For 3 separate groups of students).


ONE Writing Immersion Workshop


     approximately 9am-12pm with recess/breaks 

Investment: $775 + GST

+ mileage + hotel (if necessary)

  • Choose 4-5 Author Presentations to organize author presentations that work for your school for a full school day

(For 4-5 separate groups of students)



TWO - 2-hour Writing Immersion Workshops

ONE full-day Writing Immersion Workshop


 Full day with recess & lunch breaks 

Investment: $1075 + GST

+ mileage + hotel (if necessary)

 Full Day Package Option

(virtual or in-person)

(virtual or in-person)


Add ONE full set of Inner Compass Books to your presentation booking: 
ALL 6 Paperbacks for $75 (Retail $20 each)

All 6 Hardcovers for $125 ($Retail $30 each) 

Teacher Reviews

"The Grade 3's from Traditions Elementary School really enjoyed their author visit from Kristin Pierce.  We loved learning about the writing process from a professional writer.  We were inspired! The Grade 3's also loved the message in the story - Follow your Inner Compass!"

- Mrs. Becker,

Traditions Elementary,

Warman, SK

"My children recently welcomed Kristin into their Preschool class to read this fantastic book! To say they loved it would be an understatement. My kids (aged 5) still talk about her story and refer to their own inner compasses daily. It sends such an important message to everyone. Thank you for this book, Kristin, and for sharing your passion. You truly have a gift."

- Mrs. Eon,

Silverwood Elementary Parent Helper,

Saskatoon, SK 

"Kristin did an amazing job presenting to my Grade 6 students. They learned about the creative process, how to market a business, and most of all, the importance of following your passion! Students and teachers alike left inspired by Kristin's words!"

-Mrs. Evans,

Outlook High School,

Outlook, SK

"What an excellent presentation!  Kristin was able to teach my Grade 3 students about a a very abstract concept, their "inner self".  She spoke in a manner that was easy to comprehend and very engaging.  I highly recommend that you book Kristin to share her presentation in your school!"

- Mr. Read,

Traditions Elementary,

Warman, SK

“The kids were engaged and interested the whole time. They thought it was so cool that anyone can make books - even people around Plenty! As a teacher, I found it very informative and absolutely love that there are resources that go along with the books.”

-Ms. Graham

North West Central School,

Plenty, SK

“My kids loved hearing her read the story and having her point out the little details. They also liked seeing the illustrations part and seeing the pictures being created! Also, as a teacher, I loved hearing it and found it super interesting!"

-Grade 2 Class

North West Central School,

Plenty, SK

Teacher Reviews

How to Book Kristin Pierce:


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Why Inner Compass Books Matter

Inner Compass Books are so much more than your average children's books.


Here's why:

Self empowerment lasts a lifetime.

Between the ages of birth to 7 years of age, children are forming their core beliefs about themselves and how the world works.  This means, they are little sponges--absorbing information from what they read, watch, hear, learn, see, and experience. Imagine the impact of empowering messages in stories of following your inner compass, seeing mistakes as opportunities to grow, and knowing that you are powerful beyond measure.  How could that affect their mental programming? Let's build those little ones up... for their lifetime.

Grow through what you go through.

Growth mindset is all the rage for a reason. It's powerful. When kids know that "Mistakes are for learning," it takes the pressure off to achieve perfection. Growing through what you go through, failing forward, and always looking for the learning in every mistake or problem is a powerful mindset that is ALWAYS conveyed and demonstrated in Inner Compass Books.

Self awareness matters.

When kids are connected with themselves, they are more self-aware of their needs, their feelings, and their emotions.  Self connection leads to self reflection, self understanding, connecting with one's inner compass, and making conscious decisions that are aligned with oneself. Inner Compass Books demonstrate how various characters learn to navigate through challenges in life by being connected within.

"Reading without reflecting is like eating without digesting."  

We believe in the power of self reflection. Not only can self reflection make you think, but it can also open up your mind and your heart to new possibilities.


What better way to encourage independent thinking than prompting self reflection with a question? Questions hold power because they allow the child to find their own answers. Each of our Inner Compass Books is complete with Reflection Questions after the story to allow the reader to dive deeper into the concepts within each book and reflect upon what he or she might have done if faced with a similar situation. 


There is infinite value in learning to stay true to yourself.

People are, and always have been, swayed from their truth by what they think they should be, do, or have. Inner Compass Books show kids that following your passions, pursuing your dreams, sharing your unique gifts, and following your inner compass are incredible guideposts that hold infinite value. Our books also show that even if you stray off track from your truth, you can always reconnect and find your way back.

We cannot control how our children experience life, but we can choose to feed their amazing minds with empowering content and learning opportunities that teach them to trust their inner knowing, follow their passions, and create a life full of fulfillment, impact and purpose. 

(Imagine if you read these books as a kid. What would you have done differently?

Why Does the Inner Self Matter?

Insurmountable benefits can emerge from encouraging children to connect with their “inner self” and know that the answers they seek live within. This empowerment can allow children to:

  • Make decisions that are aligned with their truth, values, and soul – decisions that feel good and feel true.

  • Be in tune with the body’s subtle cues and build the strength of subtle senses

  • Alert them to danger by paying attention to their own internal red flags

  • Connect more deeply with self to uncover true desires and dreams

  • Feel empowered and confident in their choices

  • Improve trust in their inner voice and inner knowing 

  • Build a relationship with their inner self

  • Know that there are limitless possibilities available to them

  • Use their imagination to think of creative solutions to problems

  • Fuel creative endeavors to boost self-esteem, confidence, and their passions

  • Foster independent thinking, trust their gut feelings, and encourage self-understanding


Inspired by her two young kids and the immense wisdom that lies inside each of us, Kristin was eager to open minds, eyes, and ears to the incredible potential of one's inner knowing, while educating along the way.  In writing and sharing this book, Kristin hopes to encourage adults and children, alike, to learn to trust their truest guide by listening to the messages from their Inner Compass.

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