The Sweet Dreams Express


Buckle up for a lyrical bedtime ride that guides little ones on a special, meditative journey aboard The Sweet Dreams Express.

Soft, soothing illustrations, lyrical bedtime rhymes, and practical meditative tools guide children through relaxing their bodies and minds in preparation for a restorative and refreshing night of sleep. Through breathwork, stress release, calming techniques, and imaginative relaxation tools that connect the body and mind, this book will help children develop positive sleep skills that they will be eager to incorporate as part of their bedtime routine.

So, "fluff your pillow, rest your head; feel your body sink down in bed." Climb aboard The Sweet Dreams Express to transform your littles into master sleepers.

Launching August 5, 2020.


Why a bedtime book?


As a parent, you know how important sleep is for the health and well-being of the growing children in your life. You also know the frustration that comes with kiddos who have a hard time getting and staying asleep. 


When I was a little girl, I had a hard time getting to sleep. Thanks to my busy mind, I spent hours bothering my parents, attempting every technique under the sun and watching the numbers scroll by on the clock. Many years later, I eventually learned how to calm my mind for a restful sleep. The Sweet Dreams Express is a culmination of techniques I use for myself and with my children, along with words of wisdom from my dad, to help children learn positive sleep skills and become master sleepers.


Why This Book Matters

Sleep is a learned skill.


Sleep is a learned skill. Many children struggle to sleep and just as many parents struggle to know how to help their children. Frustration, impatience, bedtimes that drag on for hours, and sleepless nights are not the only way. 

The Sweet Dreams Express makes bedtime an enjoyable, relaxing, empowering, and engaging experience for children and parents to look forward to. With soothing illustrations, meditative techniques, and rhythmic rhyme, children will feel eager and empowered to get ready for bedtime. This book is an illustrative guide to teach children how to self-soothe, calm their minds, form a supportive sleep routine, and prepare their bodies and minds for a restful and restorative night of sleep.

By making the bedtime routine an enjoyable and cooperative experience, children feel engaged, empowered, and in control. Obviously, we all know the profound importance of a good night’s sleep! Whether a child struggles with sleep or sleeps like a rock, The Sweet Dreams Express will be a positive addition to the bedtime experience.


In this soothing bedtime book, children will learn to:

  • Prepare for bed

  • Use their imagination in their favour

  • Create a positive sleep routine and bedtime experience

  • Utilize the power of their breath

  • Connect with their bodies to release stress, thoughts, and emotional holdings

  • Unwind, calm, and soothe their minds

  • Feel encouraged and empowered in their sleep skills

  • Get back to sleep if they wake in the night


Praise for The Sweet Dreams Express

"I absolutely love the message in the book Magnus O'Meere, Mind Pioneer. This book highlights how we as parents and educators should support children in quieting their minds to harness their thoughts and dreams. The references to some of the most brilliant minds from our past, offers validation that being a "dreamer" can make some of the biggest impacts in history.


“Have an inquiring mind and make your own rules. Many mind pioneers were once thought to be fools. But they shattered the limits and blazed their own trails. You can’t change the world if you’re too scared to fail." Wow, what a powerful message of perseverance! This book is a unique and great read for all ages!"


-Kara Carlson,

Child and Youth Counsellor, Mom





"I have used Kristin’s books in my classroom to teach growth-mindset and intuition. I was so excited to read her newest creation, Magnus O’Meere, Mind Pioneer! She has created another wonderful book. I love how Magnus overcomes a challenge with the help of mindfulness, (something I also use regularly in my classroom). I also love how Kristin incorporated famous inventors. Not only will children see Magnus overcome challenges, but they will also be introduced to real people who worked hard, persevered, and created the inventions that we use today!"

-Kailey Dale,

Elementary School Teacher








"This book made my heart swell! What a treasure to cultivate in children the mindset to see and nurture the Super Hero within themselves! To give them the grace to revel in their uniqueness, pursue their passion and rise above static thinking. Kids deserve the right to explore, create and dream. Magnus O'Meere does just that, developing his special talents and competence in the world with all the pushback and discouragement many other kids may come across themselves. His magnificently told story of resilience, persistence and self-belief will inspire and empower readers of all ages and is an absolute visual delight. This book is a must for every family library!"


-Rebecca Fine,

Personal Development Coach








"Magnus O’Meere, Mind Pioneer is an incredible book! Children will learn that their imagination is the key to unlocking their passion in life. Adults will understand that creative visions from little minds are remarkable, and if they are fostered, amazing things are sure to happen. I very much like that this book is in a school setting because our educators play a big role in our children’s lives! Embrace this book, not only for the message it sends, but because it highlights other marvellous minds in history. Sparkling hearts to you, Kristin Pierce, for this road map to unleashing our inner wisdom!"


-Barb Luther,

BodyTalk Practitioner & Mother


The Sweet Dreams Express releases August 5, 2020.  

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Who is this book for?


As a paThe Sweet Dreams Express is a great bedtime book for children of all ages to incorporate into their bedtime routine. For those with troublesome sleepers, this book will guide kids (and parents) through a relaxing bedtime sequence. Ingraining positive sleep skills and empowering children to soothe themselves is a gift that every member of the family will benefit from. This book is the perfect baby gift to empower new parents and establish successful sleep routines right from the get-go. 

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