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The Sweet Dreams Express


Buckle up for a lyrical bedtime ride that guides little ones on a special, meditative journey aboard The Sweet Dreams Express.

Soft, soothing illustrations, lyrical bedtime rhymes, and practical meditative tools guide children through relaxing their bodies and minds in preparation for a restorative and refreshing night of sleep. Through breathwork, stress release, calming techniques, and imaginative relaxation tools that connect the body and mind, this book will help children develop positive sleep skills that they will be eager to incorporate as part of their bedtime routine.

So, "fluff your pillow, rest your head; feel your body sink down in bed." Climb aboard The Sweet Dreams Express to transform your littles into master sleepers.

Available August 5, 2020.

Why a bedtime book?


As a parent, you know how important sleep is for the health and well-being of the growing children in your life. You also know the frustration that comes with kiddos who have a hard time getting and staying asleep. 


When I was a little girl, I had a hard time getting to sleep. Thanks to my busy mind, I spent hours bothering my parents, attempting every technique under the sun and watching the numbers scroll by on the clock. Many years later, I eventually learned how to calm my mind for a restful sleep. The Sweet Dreams Express is a culmination of techniques I use for myself and with my children, along with words of wisdom from my dad, to help children learn positive sleep skills and become master sleepers.

Why this book matters

Why This Book Matters

Sleep is a learned skill.


Sleep is a learned skill. Many children struggle to sleep and just as many parents struggle to know how to help their children. Frustration, impatience, bedtimes that drag on for hours, and sleepless nights are not the only way. 

The Sweet Dreams Express makes bedtime an enjoyable, relaxing, empowering, and engaging experience for children and parents to look forward to. With soothing illustrations, meditative techniques, and rhythmic rhyme, children will feel eager and empowered to get ready for bedtime. This book is an illustrative guide to teach children how to self-soothe, calm their minds, form a supportive sleep routine, and prepare their bodies and minds for a restful and restorative night of sleep.

By making the bedtime routine an enjoyable and cooperative experience, children feel engaged, empowered, and in control. Obviously, we all know the profound importance of a good night’s sleep! Whether a child struggles with sleep or sleeps like a rock, The Sweet Dreams Express will be a positive addition to the bedtime experience.


In this soothing bedtime book, children will learn to:

  • Prepare for bed

  • Use their imagination in their favour

  • Create a positive sleep routine and bedtime experience

  • Utilize the power of their breath

  • Connect with their bodies to release stress, thoughts, and emotional holdings

  • Unwind, calm, and soothe their minds

  • Feel encouraged and empowered in their sleep skills

  • Get back to sleep if they wake in the night


Who is this book for?


The Sweet Dreams Express is a great bedtime book for children of all ages to incorporate into their bedtime routine. For those with troublesome sleepers, this book will guide kids (and parents) through a relaxing bedtime sequence. Ingraining positive sleep skills and empowering children to soothe themselves is a gift that every member of the family will benefit from. This book is the perfect baby gift to empower new parents and establish successful sleep routines right from the get-go. 

However, this book is not just for kids who struggle to sleep. 

Praise for The Sweet Dreams Express


Grab your ticket and climb aboard! This book couldn’t have arrived at a better time! My “terrible sleeper” toddler is undergoing a big transition in the sleep department and this book has helped us build such a beautiful and peaceful bedtime routine that he WANTS to be a part of because he thinks its FUN! It encourages such incredible body awareness and lets kids really get into tune with themselves, recognizing where things might not feel so good and giving them practical tools to help address them- a tool they can use not only before going to sleep, but at any time in their day. I also really appreciated that there was a really short summary of all the steps for quick and easy reference (if they should awake!).


I love the romantic and dreamy images- rich, but soft, colors bring so much life to the page. And the images and colors really lend themselves to being a part of the transition from awake, to asleep to awake again. The cute little animal companions add such fun and comfort for kids- my little guy asked if we could get a sleepy animal-like in the book to help with getting on the train.

This book has become a “must-read” as part of our nightly rotation- and truth be told, lots of the suggestions are ones that we as adults and parents should be practicing alongside our littles! 

- Stacy Wallace







Ease your worries and drift off to sleep with this unique meditative bedtime story... The Sweet Dreams Express. What can I say? It’s perfect! The whole family felt relaxed reading this book. It’s a great book for all ages. I felt as though Kristin wrote this book for my daughter. It touches base on so many things that keep us all from falling asleep. You can literally imagine the scenes and hear the calming and soothing sounds of the clouds, water, caves and mountains as you read along. We love the diversity of the characters, the creativity, the rhymes and the illustrations. We are so happy we were introduced to Kristin’s books. We can’t wait to read Sweet Dreams Express again tomorrow night!


-Francesca Castro


The Sweet Dreams Express is another must-have book for your bedtime collection. The soothing rhyming words make it fun to read for kids (and parents) of all ages. I love the steps to finding a deep breath to help them calm down and go inside themselves to let out their daytime worries. The reminder that they may need to 'repeat until the "stuck" is gone' is great for those kids that have a harder time settling at bedtime. As you travel through Sweet Dreams Express it is hard not to feel more calm and ready to snuggle in.


-Teagan Knudsen

Mom and yoga teacher

"This has got to be the sweetest bedtime story to read! With rhyming instruction on how to unwind and relax, little minds are sure to let go of the day and let sleep take over. With 3 not-so-perfect sleepers, this book is an absolute must for our home. This book is so creatively written to keep little minds engaged, you just know that they will follow along and wake rested! Definitely recommend this read."

-Brittany Lorenzen
Homeschooling Momma


"I could have really used a book like The Sweet Dreams Express when I was a kid! This book has practical skills to settle the body and mind for bedtime. The illustrations are so so pretty and I always love a good rhyming book."


-Kailey Dale

Elementary Teacher and Mom

"What a wonderful story! This book takes you on a delightful journey to help your child calm their mind and body for a good night’s sleep. My daughter and I both loved The Sweet Dreams Express. She was engaged throughout the story and adored the beautiful illustrations. A must-read at bedtime!"


-Chantal Eidem

Kids Reviews

"The Sweet Dreams Express is the best book to read right before bed! 'Follow the cues—tried, tested, and true— To help you sleep the whole night through.' It has such great ideas for calming both the body and mind. Brilliant! I wish I could actually travel on The Sweet Dreams Express!"


-Kara Carlson,

Child and Youth Counsellor, Mom







"The Sweet Dreams Express sounds magical and I can't wait to read it to my two younger sisters to get them to sleep quicker and not bug me." 

-Maverick, age 6


"Every time I read The Sweet Dreams Express, I don't have spooky dreams, I get to sleep faster, and morning comes quicker because I sleep good. It sounds magical and there's a lot of imagination stuff in it, and it helps you get to sleep. I love the golden ticket and how it shows you things to do to get to sleep."


-Aspen, age 7


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