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The Word Nerd

Winston is enamoured with words, reading, and expanding his vast vocabulary, which often leaves his parents scratching their heads and struggling to keep up. When Winston gets to school, he is well ahead of his time and his wondrous word wisdom deeply irritates one of his classmates. Will Winston’s love for words be squashed after this devastating encounter? Or will he proudly persist in embracing his new “Word Nerd” title?


A rhyming story of kindness, empathy, and staying true to yourself, The Word Nerd will build vocabulary and compassion while showing readers that words have power and that lending a helping hand can truly move mountains. 


Dotted with figures of speech and an abundance of captivating words, this book will get your neurons firing and will have every member of the family excited about joyfully expanding their vocabularies.

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Why The Word Nerd Matters

Why The Word Nerd Matters

Books open a door in our minds.

This book is meant to do just that.


The Word Nerd fuels a love of learning while building vocabulary in a fun and engaging way. But not only that, it also teaches readers about the power of their words, of staying true to themselves (no matter what anyone else says), and of extending kindness to others, even in difficult circumstances. Showcasing self-awareness and empathy, The Word Nerd reminds readers how we all have different skills and talents, which provides the perfect opportunity to build each other up.


This book is bursting with an abundance of juicy, captivating words while still delivering wholesome messages for young minds. The Word Nerd will get the neurons firing as readers are joyfully converted into word nerds! 


The perfect addition to the elementary classroom, The Word Nerd is loaded with learning resources. In the back of the book, you will find a list of definitions, reflection questions, and figures of speech guide. Teachers and homeschooling parents will love our online learning resource packed with word searches, vocabulary activities, matching and fill-in-the-blank worksheets, colouring page printable activities, and a full learning resource to utilize in the classroom. 


The Word Nerd is packed full of fun, advanced vocabulary words, empowering messages, and incredible layers of learning opportunities.  

What kids can learn from this powerful picture book:

  • Parents can learn a lot from their kids

  • Being mindful of the power of words + tone of voice

  • The importance of kindness and empathy

  • Mistakes are for learning (Growth mindset)

  • The importance of following their passion and curiosity, even if it goes against the grain

  • That vocabulary can be a lot of fun

  • The word "nerd" doesn't have to be a bad thing

  • The power of staying true to oneself and following one's inner compass.

Who is this book for?

Who is this book for?


The Word Nerd is for book lovers and word nerds of all ages! This book is filled with over 150 unique words to help grow young vocabularies, while visually entertaining the reader and relaying potent messages about the power of our words and the importance of kindness. The Word Nerd has advanced vocabulary that is meant to stretch young minds in a fun and engaging way.

This book is the perfect conversation starter for educating kids on the power of words and the importance of kindness. Teachers, parents, homeschoolers,  grandparents, and more will spark a love of language and kindness within the hearts of the children in their lives as they read this book. And that is something worth sharing.


Here's the inspiration behind The Word Nerd:

I come from a long line of motormouths and I love learning about fun, ginormous words with my kids.

When my daughter was little, she was a little chatterbox with impeccable enunciation and a vast vocabulary. My son didn’t speak quite as early but eventually caught up to his sister and regularly gives her a run for her money in the motormouth department. This story was inspired by their love of books, their non-stop talkative personalities, and our family’s love of learning humungous words.

Another piece of the inspiration behind this book came from my desire to destigmatize the negative connotation of the word, “nerd”. I believe that having a passion for anything is worth celebrating, no matter if that passion is for math or sewing or hairless cats or crosswords or badminton or spider monkeys or chemistry or potbellied pigs or rocks. All passions are worthy, and what if being called a nerd is truly a superpower? I think it is!

And lastly, our words hold an incredibly potent power, regardless of if we are speaking to others or if we are speaking to ourselves. Either way, speaking with kindness, understanding, empathy, and a mindful tone of voice are all very important and incredibly impactful. I wanted to showcase this by displaying a confrontation, the impact of unkind words, and how we can choose to reflect and learn from unpleasant situations and still speak kindly and respectfully in return, even if our feelings have been hurt. I believe this is a great learning opportunity and a story that will teach self-awareness and consideration for others.

Praise for The Word Nerd

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Hitting bookshelves and stretching vocabularies as of October 19, 2021

We invite you to follow Winston the Word Nerd on his intriguing journey that will grow your vocabulary while allowing the whole family to enjoy learning and developing mindful communcation together.


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