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Are you looking for unique and empowering gifts to offer your customers, clients, staff, or family?

Inner Compass Books make for a special and memorable gift of learning, awareness, and self-empowerment, while doubling as a potent opportunity for resale.

Inner Compass Books make wonderful gifts for:

  • Baby Gifts

  • Birthday Presents

  • Back to School

  • Christmas Gifts

  • Summer Reading

  • End of School

  • Celebratory Gifts

  • Children of all ages

  • Grandchildren

  • Nieces, Nephews, Friends

  • Classroom Gifts

  • Teacher Gifts

  • Client Gifts

  • Graduates (think Dr. Seuss)

While our books are technically "Children's Books," they have been mindfully crafted with empowering messages and timely reminders for the whole family to enjoy and that people of all ages have told us they deeply appreciate.

"It's not just for kids" is what we hear often, as the learning opportunities within our books run wide and deep.

However, if you need an age range: 3-9 years for reading ages,

and 0-100+ for life skills. 

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Who has Purchased Wholesale?

Many of our buyers purchase for resale purposes, while some have placed wholesale orders for gifting or donating to a great cause. Maybe you're wondering what kinds of stores and people have made wholesale purchases of our Inner Compass Books... 

Well, let us tell you!

  • Home Decor & Gift Stores

  • Baby & Child Specialty Store

  • Independent Bookstores

  • Holistic/BodyTalk Pracitioners to gift/sell to their clients

  • Local Co-op Food Store

  • An Online Empowerment Boutique

  • A Financial Advisor to gift copies to all his clients with children or grandchildren under 8 years old. 

  • Yoga Studios & yoga instructors

  • & MORE

"A book is a gift you can open again and again."
-Garrison Keillor
How it Works

How it Works:

Why Wholesale?

When purchasing a bulk order of our books, we can give you a reduced wholesale rate.


Minimum Orders:

In order to receive wholesale pricing, you must purchase a minimum of 15 copies of our books. This can be mix and match of hardcovers and paperbacks.

Shipping Rates:

To have books shipped directly to you, we charge the base rate that we are charged from our printer.

For local delivery, we include shipping in our rates. 


Shipping Times:
Shipments within North America typically take approximately 2 weeks to receive.
We will provide you with the shipment tracking information.


Retail Pricing:

You get to choose your retail price and keep the difference.

Our Wholesale Vendors have priced our books within the following ranges:

Hardcovers $24.99-$32.99

Paperbacks: $14.99-16.99



When people know about our books, they LOVE them. 

It is your job to spread the word about carrying Inner Compass Books, which is the most important piece of the sales puzzle, BUT we love to help spread the word as well!

We want you to be successful with sales of our books, plus it helps to bring customers to you!

Share your news on Social Media and tag us on Facebook & Instagram @InnerCompassBooks so we can share the news with our 3000+ following as well. 


Website listing:

If you have a storefront or an online business, we will list you as a vendor on our Buy page so that customers who are looking for our books can find you as a retailer. 


If you're ready to dive in, submit your request for a quote below!

Thank you for your consideration and support!

Get a Quote

Get a Wholesale Quote:

If our books sounds aligned with your business endeavour, your mission, or your personal interests, we invite you to consider placing a wholesale order. Whether it is for resale, gifting, or donation to a great cause, we know you won't be disappointed.


Step 1: Review our Book Backgrounder below.

Contact us if you would like to view a PDF proof of our books.

Step 2: Submit your desired quantities of books for

your wholesale order in the contact form below. 

            (We will put together a quote withing 2-3 business days including shipping to you or delivery).

Step 3: Respond to our quote and complete payment.

 We will forward you shipment tracking information.

Step 4: Let your customers know that you'll be carrying Inner Compass Books by sharing the news on social media!


Book Backgrounders:



Delivery Method:
I'm interested in copies of:

Thanks for submitting!

Submit an Order or 
Get a Quote
Our Marketing Efforts

Our Marketing Efforts:

At Inner Compass Books, we take pride in our persistent and consistent marketing efforts. 

We have grown our business in a steady and sustainable way in our first year, while breaking new ground, defying the 'limits' of self-publishing, and getting our books OUT TO THE WORLD!

We've accomplished a lot in our first year, after diving into this business and learning the ropes from scratch.  We have no plans of slowing down, so join us in supporting young minds with powerful books.

Our promise is to continue to create and deliver mindfully crafted books with empowering learning messages, while continuing to spread awareness of our current titles through various marketing efforts. Our marketing efforts create a ripple effect for a wider readership and expanded love for our books. Here is how we are expanding our reach through marketing:


  • Book Signings

  • School Author Visits

  • In-Store Readings

  • A Social Media Presence

  • Tradeshows

  • Public Library Events

  • Social Media Collaborations

  • Book Launches
  • Press Releases
  • TV Interviews
  • Podcast Interviews
  • Blog Tours
  • Article Submissions in Magazines
  • Advertising Ventures
Thank you for supporting the magic we are making and for helping us spread messages that matter!
We are so grateful to our readers and our retail partners.
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