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Inner Compass


mindfully crafted children's books with empowering learning messages.


Our Inner Compass Books:

Your Inner Compass That Could is an insightful tale that encourages children to connect to their inner knowing and trust their Inner Compass. This book shows children that there are no limits to what they can achieve, and it will empower them to follow their passions and share their unique gifts with the world.


Packed with 19 historic art references, Mayva O'Meere, Creationeer  will spark creativity and imagination in children of all ages. Filled with messages of perseverance, empowerment, and following your passions, Mayva O’Meere will encourage the little Creationeers in your life to unearth their talents and fuel their passion to glow.

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When a timely stroke of fate opens Magnus' mind to the abilities of some of the most magnificent minds of our time, he learns that his wild imagination is actually a virtue, rather than a vice. Honouring the minds of Einstein, Tesla, Mozart, and  more, Magnus O'Meere, Mind Pioneer will delight and inspire people of all ages to explore the potential of their minds.


Following her inner compass, Hazel Mist uncovers a new passion that takes her on an unexpected adventure into the workings of the mind. Hazel Mist, Hypnotist is sure to inspire those, both young and old, to break through the unknown, question their limits, and reach for their full potential.


Buckle up for a lyrical bedtime ride that guides little ones on a special, meditative journey aboard The Sweet Dreams Express. With soft, soothing illustrations, lyrical bedtime rhymes, and practical meditative tools, this book will guide children through relaxing their bodies and minds in preparation for a restorative and refreshing night of sleep.

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Here are our upcoming Inner Compass Books:


Winston is enamoured with words, big and small, which often leaves his parents struggling to keep up. When Winston gets to school, his wondrous word wisdom irritates his classmate.


A story of kindness, empathy, and staying true to yourself, The Word Nerd will show children that lending a helping hand can move mountains.

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Young Annie is a ball of nerves, constantly worrying and spinning her mind into a lather until one fateful day when her overloaded mind cannot handle another ounce of stress. 

A story of mindfulness, awareness, and mental health, Anxious Annie will encourage children to express themselves, establish healthy habits, and unwind their minds.

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