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Are you ready to be moved, impacted, and

motivated for more by a captivating speaker?

Kristin Pierce is an entrepreneur with a fire in her heart, a powerful perspective, and a mission to impact the world by inspiring others to stretch to their potential.


She knows there is nothing in her way of greatness except herself, and she is determined to show you that you CAN become the best, truest, and most powerful version of yourself.  Kristin is a trail blazer who firmly believes in the power of going after your dreams, failing forward, being true to yourself, and stretching your comfort zone.

Topics of Expertise:

> Your Inner Compass

> Growth Mindset

> Belief Systems & The Mind

> EvolYOUtion 

> Cosmic Hammers (& Other Wake Up Calls)
> Vulnerability of Sharing Your Craft

> Living an Inspired Life

> The Self-Publishing Process

Speaking Formats:

> Keynote Speaking (30-120 minute options)

> Workshops (Full or Half-day)

> Panel Speaking 

> Podcast Interviews 


Audiences & Events:

> Women's Groups

> Entrepreneur Groups

> Leadership Events

> Empowerment Workshops

> Mindfulness Workshops

Here's how Kristin is currently impacting communities:

With over a decade of entrepreneurial endeavours under her belt, Kristin Pierce was also an elite athlete earning a Division II college volleyball scholarship and a Sports Medicine degree in the USA. After an experience with ovarian cancer at the age of 21, Kristin embarked on a healing journey that began an intense personal evolution. In her upcoming memoir, The Cosmic Hammer, she shares her raw journey through cancer, the lessons learned, and the incredible insight and alignment that has come from it.

Customizable for you:


Educational Keynote Speech 

+ Journaling Prompts

+ Guided Visualizations 

+ Integration Activities

Full or Half-Day

Workshop Structure:

Keynote Structure:

Customizable for you:


Educational & Empowering

Keynote Speech

on your topic of choice.

~30-120 minutes

Customizable for you:


Panel Guide


Panel Participant

~45-90 minutes

Panel Structure:

Book Kristin Pierce to come to YOUR event, workplace, or retreat to deliver an impactful keynote that will leave your tribe feeling empowered, inspired, and elevated. 


Kristin firmly believes that every single person on the planet has incredible gifts to bring to the world.  It is Kristin's mission to help people of all ages ignite their passions, think outside the box, and create a life full of purpose, impact, and fulfillment. In connecting with their Inner Compass, adults can be taught about the ways in which they can nurture and understand their inner self, which profoundly impacts mental and emotional well-being, while creating a life of alignment and purpose.

How to Book Kristin for Your Event:

Step 1: 

Choose your Event Option & Keynote Topic that is best suited to your tribe.

Step 2:

Contact us to request a speaking engagement and determine availability.

In your inquiry please include business/event, location, audience, keynote choice (if necessary), and any other pertinent details. 

Confirm payment with your business.

Step 3:

Once confirmed, please provide Kristin with any details she will need upon arriving at your venue. Confirm your deposit payment and review our How to Prepare for the Event document.

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