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Stretch Yourself Beyond What You THINK is Possible

Stretching your comfort zone can conjure all kinds of magic. It will open your mind. It will expand your heart. It will stretch your soul. And in doing so, you will be changed and stretched in ways you could have never imagined. You will come out on the other side of the experience, every time, never the same. If you are open to it, you will be thoroughly transformed by these experiences. There are learning opportunities buried in the depths and riding in the shallows of each and every experience. Choose to stretch yourself and watch how your experience of the world mirrors your bravery and expands, just as you have done. What do you do to stretch your comfort zone on a daily basis? (Please let me know as I am making a list of ideas!)

Last Friday morning, I had butterflies in my stomach. I got up early and drove almost two hours to Melfort, Saskatchewan to begin my first ever Author School Tour. 1 day. 3 schools. 5 presentations. 23 teachers. 290 students. WHOA. I am not typically one to get nervous easily, so with an early arrival, I tracked down where I was going for the day, then gave myself some time to breathe, tap my cortices, and reflect upon these butterflies. Butterflies in my stomach show me that I am feeling some stretch fear. Good nerves. Tickled with slightly nervous excitement. Why was I nervous?? I've done school visits before. I've arrived at one school before where I didn't know a single soul. I've spoken to a gymnasium of kids before. These parts were not new. So what gives? > This was the first time I've done a full out school tour of author keynotes in one day. > I was in a brand new city, where I could count on one hand the number of people I knew, none of which were at any of these schools. > I didn't know the teachers, the schools, or anything about them. I was flying blind and coming in hot, without much time in between visits. > There was a lot of NEW - new faces, new places, new spaces - and most hadn't even heard of my book before. > This was STRETCHING me! WELL I made it out the other side! And it was incredible, to say the least. Kids are so amazing on so many levels! I love their questions. I love how their minds work. I love how tuned in they are. I love how interested and engaged they are. Here are some of the things I was asked: > How do you make a book? > What colour of kindergarten is your daughter in? > How does it feel to be an author? > What kind of dog do you have? > Do you talk to your inner self? > What is your favourite page in your book? > What is your least favourite page in the book? > Do you use your inner compass to write your books? > Are you going to write chapter books next? Kids are so curious and wise. I felt honoured to get to meet this many wonderful people in a day! Then before my first ever 'Living an Inspired Life' Keynote the next morning (which in hindsight should have been called 'Trailblazing with an Open Heart'), I stumbled upon the cutest little decor shop in Melfort. I went in and cruised around before having the idea to boldly ask the lovely strangers working in the store if they would like to carry my book. I left them with it to discuss and within 15 minutes, a new store was on board to stock my book! Now, just reflect for a moment on what things you've done in your life because you've exercised courage. Make a list if you'd like and honour all of the times you've done something brave that had a pretty amazing outcome. Key Takeaways: - There is always magic, connections, and knowledge that comes out of new experiences. - Putting yourself out there can be really intimidating, but it is so worth the magic that is birthed from it. - Events are never as scary as your ego makes them up to be. - Powerful conversations and heart-centered connections can arise when we launch ourselves into new situations. What have you done lately to stretch yourself that was somewhat scary, but totally blew your mind?

Let me know -- I want to celebrate your win!


About the Author:

Kristin Pierce loves chai lattes, inspirational quotes, hunting down incredible kids books, and writing in rhyme. She is a Children's Book Author, Self-Awareness Educator, and Momma of two who is on a mission to spread empowering and inspiring messages about following your passion, thinking outside-the-box, and believing in your big dreams. She is the author of Your Inner Compass That Could and, coming soon, Mayva O'Meere, Creationeer.


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