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A Meeting of the Minds

FROM APRIL 17, 2018:

Yesterday, I was en route home after an incredible weekend of teaching MindScape in Kitchener, ON. Due to the ice storms, it was quite an adventurous weekend getting to and from Kitchener and back to Toronto to fly home. To add to that adventure, I had the pleasure of meeting an inventor.

As I stood looking at the flight schedule screen in the Toronto airport, the person beside me struck up a conversation. Considering our flight had changed gates and been delayed numerous times already, we had something in common. As we began chatting, I mentioned I had been teaching over the weekend and was flying home. He noted that he had been in Niagara working on the tech for his business and was heading home to see family.

Now, coincidentally, (WINK) on my flights TO Toronto just a few days prior, I had nailed down the plot for my next children's book. Everything just flowed together, almost effortlessly, as I wrote about a boy who is a mind pioneer--aka an inventor. The plot came together like magic and just like that I was explaining my next children's book about an inventor to a REAL inventor.