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Reunion of the Minds

Back in December, I arrived early to meet my family at Glow Saskatoon. (Me, early? I know, right?) Well, apparently it was synchronistic because while I was looking out the window watching for any sign that my family was going to show up, I heard, “Kristin?”

I turned around and was completely surprised to see my inventor friend, Kyle, looking at me.

“Whoa. Hi. What are you doing here?” I said, completely caught off guard. Never in a million years had I expected to accidentally run into him again.

He was there with his entire family, the last of whom were coming in the front doors, waiting to go into Glow for their 4pm booking time. He casually introduced me to his family while I was tried to get my bearings.

Now, this may not seem like a big deal. However, if you consider that he lives between the Cayman Islands and Niagara Falls for most of the year, then also consider the fact that Glow was on for over six weeks with multiple booking times throughout each day of the week—you’ll see that the odds were almost impossible that we would run into each other at the same place on the same day at the same time. What’s more, each of our moms were the ones who booked the Glow family get togethers at th