A Series of Mind-Boggling Events

Release day is just around the corner for my newest children's book, Magnus O'Meere, Mind Pioneer. As such, I have been reflecting on the journey that has brought this book to life and I have a story for you. Here goes: The idea for Magnus O'Meere came together a whopping year and a half ago while I was cruising at 35,000 ft above the Earth. I was en route to teach MindScape in Kitchener, Ontario as the storyline began to come together like pieces of a puzzle that finally fit together. I was on cloud 9 as I could see the potential to show readers just how amazing their minds really are. Four days later, as I was waiting for my departure flight that was delayed due to ice storms, I began chatting with a man who turned out to be an inventor. He was the only person I had a real conversation with since getting to the airport (order food doesn't count). Was it a coincidence that he was an inventor? Obviously not. Our conversation dove deep very quickly as I began to tell him about how Tesla used his intuitive mind to come up with his ideas, to then build, test, and optimize them completely in his mind. He told me about his favourite inventors, one being Howard Hughes, and that I needed to watch the Aviator. Who else hasn't seen the Aviator? Don't worry--I watched it within the next couple of days. We talked about when ideas fall into our minds, trusting our guts, and merging that knowing with logic and non-stop learning. This is when I really understood that we need BOTH brains to be plugged into each other. Creativity needs structure and logic needsimagination. Together, the brains are so much more than they could ever be apart. See, everything happens for a reason--look how much I learned about the mind from one chance conversation with a stranger. One month later, I was back on a plane heading to teach in Winnipeg as I, again, worked on Magnus O'Meere while high in the sky. Upon my arrival, I had a feeling to pop into an airport kiosk store to walk