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Writer's Block

Writer’s block—I just can’t unlock. My mind feels heavy as a rock. Feels so forced. Can’t get flowing. No inspiration. Nothing’s growing. Now, it’s time for drastic measures, So I can concoct some wordy treasures. Hang upside down, early to bed. Clean out the cobwebs in my head.

Rise and shine, then hit the gym, To move my heart and move my limbs. Power walk. Blow off some steam. Open my mind so I can dream.

Home to journal, break down belief. Meditate—spark soul relief. Unwind the pressures—so derived, By my ego—all contrived.

Break down the walls, unlock the doors, Blow out the ceilings, take down the floors. Expectations—all let go. Now I’m ready to find my flow.


About the Author:

Kristin Pierce loves chai lattes, inspirational quotes, hunting down incredible kids books, and writing in rhyme. She is an award-winning children's book author, self-awareness educator, and momma of two who is on a mission to spread empowering and inspiring messages about following your passion, thinking outside-the-box, and believing in your big dreams. She is the author of Your Inner Compass That Could , Mayva O'Meere, Creationeer, Magnus O'Meere, Mind Pioneer (coming 2019), and Hazel Mist, Hypnotist (coming 2020).


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