The Creation of Magnus O'Meere

Magnus O'Meere, Mind Pioneer is going to knock your socks off and I can't wait to share him with you. If you've ever been impressed by the incredible minds of Einstein, Da Vinci, Elon Musk, J.K. Rowling, and more, then this book will be right up your alley and you are in for a treat!

The manuscript has been polished to perfection. Sketches are all in. Color illustrations are in full swing. Are you excited yet?!

Honestly, I'm not sure I've been this excited for a book release thus far. For my first book release, I was shaking in my boots. (Can you relate??) For my second release, I was excited, but again, trying something new. But for this book, it is so near and dear to my heart that I am overflowing with enthusiasm for it. It is a topic that I have been enthralled with for the past decade and one that I feel every child should have the privilege to learn about. By learning about these incredible minds, I truly believe that we can all be inspired to unlock the potential within us.

One of the neat things that I noticed when I was writing my author bio for this book is that there are a lot of similarities between history's marvellous minds and my book creation process. I honestly never really thought about it in this way before. Just as Tesla created his inventions with extreme precision in his mind, I, too, write, envision, direct, and create my children's books in my mind. Just as Mozart played pool while he orchestrated ensembles in his mind, I sit in a coffee shop to flow words onto paper.

BUT, the crazy thing about this is that none of these brains are that unique.