The Mind Behind The Books

I have not always been creative. I have not always been a writer. And I most definitely have not always been imaginative, let alone intuitive. Heck, I was the farthest thing from any of those descriptions for the majority of my life. Rewind 12 years ago and picture this: I was an analytical, left-brained, logic-machine/elite athlete who was studying sports medicine. I thought in a very linear way--A leads to B which causes C, which is how I was taught to think. Creativity didn't really fit into the idea of who I thought I was back then. If I would have been told back then about the power of creativity, I probably would have laughed out loud. But, I am proud to say that I have greatly opened up my (then) narrow-minded view of the world. Most who know me well would now say that I'm a passionate, starry-eyed dreamer who believes that anything is possible if you open up your mind and commit to your vision. So, even now as I write this, I am a little mind-blown and wondering, "Wow, how in the heck did I change that much? How is that even possible?" Well, this is what I've discovered: mix up a concoction of near-death illness, questioning my understanding of how the world, my body, and my mind work, and add a heaping dose of searching for what really matters in life...and voila--you have a cocktail of transformation.

Over a decade ago, I was blindsided with