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The Mind Behind The Books

I have not always been creative. I have not always been a writer. And I most definitely have not always been imaginative, let alone intuitive. Heck, I was the farthest thing from any of those descriptions for the majority of my life. Rewind 12 years ago and picture this: I was an analytical, left-brained, logic-machine/elite athlete who was studying sports medicine. I thought in a very linear way--A leads to B which causes C, which is how I was taught to think. Creativity didn't really fit into the idea of who I thought I was back then. If I would have been told back then about the power of creativity, I probably would have laughed out loud. But, I am proud to say that I have greatly opened up my (then) narrow-minded view of the world. Most who know me well would now say that I'm a passionate, starry-eyed dreamer who believes that anything is possible if you open up your mind and commit to your vision. So, even now as I write this, I am a little mind-blown and wondering, "Wow, how in the heck did I change that much? How is that even possible?" Well, this is what I've discovered: mix up a concoction of near-death illness, questioning my understanding of how the world, my body, and my mind work, and add a heaping dose of searching for what really matters in life...and voila--you have a cocktail of transformation.

Over a decade ago, I was blindsided with a diagnosis of cancer at the age of 21. Now, I'm sure you've heard how near death experiences can cause people to create drastic change within their lives. Well, my experience was no different. The difference is, that I haven't stopped learning from it. I continue to reflect on all that life serves up for me, pay attention, and choose to follow what matters most to me (which is sometimes terrifying, but always an adventure).

A decade ago, my journey led me to a course called MindScape that taught me how to build a mental framework through which I could access my subconscious mind. In this meditative-type state is where I uncover limiting beliefs I have bought as truths, and investigate to unravel them. (Our perceived limits and negative self-talk is NEVER true). This is also where I access unlimited creativity to write my children's books, come up with the illustration ideas, and map entire books out in my mind.

(Side Note: Have you heard of Nikola Tesla? This is exactly what he used to do when inventing. My third children's book Magnus O'Meere, Mind Pioneer is about this incredible ability that every one of us is capable of accessing within ourselves.)

MindScape is my creativity/self-awareness mind hack that has enabled so many incredible things to unfold. This self-development tool has been an incredible agent of change within me. I'm excited to share the power and potential of the mind in my upcoming books. I truly believe that everyone should at least have access to the awareness of the sheer magic that every person hold within his or her mind. It is, after all, what has and continues to expand the vision for my books, my life, and the impact I'd like to create within the world.

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About the Author:

Kristin Pierce loves chai lattes, inspirational quotes, questioning limits, hunting down incredible kids books, and writing in rhyme. She is an award-winning children's book author, self-awareness educator, and momma of two who is on a mission to spread empowering and inspiring messages about following your passion, thinking outside-the-box, and believing in your big dreams. She is the author of Your Inner Compass That Could, Mayva O'Meere, Creationeer, Magnus O'Meere, Mind Pioneer (coming 2019), and Hazel Mist, Hypnotist (coming 2020).

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